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First production Volvo S60 Polestar shown off [cardvd-player.net]

With the Volvo S60 Polestar goes on sale in Australia in June this year, Volvo has finally released images and specifications for the production version of the performance sedan. Although no official collection figure was announced, a picture of the … Continue reading

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Volvo promises new diesels, 8-speed auto [cardvd-player.net]

As part of the elimination of the dependence of platforms and powertrains for Ford, Volvo previously announced information about your Volvo Engine Architecture (VEA) and Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA), but now we’re finally getting some details about what will power … Continue reading

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Volvos vontade de freio para ciclistas com nova tecnologia de detecção [cardvd-player.net]

Qualquer um que pedais de bicicleta sabe que um dos maiores perigos para os pilotos é um veículo motorizado – Volvo estima que cerca de 50 por cento de todos os ciclistas mortos no trânsito Europeia colidiu com um carro. … Continue reading

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Volvo S60 Polestar Concept looking Smurfy in Jay Leno’s Garage [cardvd-player.net]

It ‘s just us, or has Garage Jay Leno has evolved from a series of videos intimate, off-the-cuff to show the comic collection late night car into something far more ambitious and … mainstream? This is not a complaint, as … Continue reading

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Volvo buyers have best credit scores among all auto shoppers [cardvd-player.net]

Experian, the credit reporting agency in the United States, has just completed a study of the financial and credit markets, the American car buyers. One of the main conclusions that Volvo buyers the highest ratings among buyers of new cars … Continue reading

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Volvo marks 30th anniversary of the 760 [cardvd-player.net]

If you think the old school Volvo – you know, this square curvilinear designs are older models of today – what do you think? The 240? The 850? Or do you know the latest design Swedish squared-off, think of 760? … Continue reading

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Small plane gives Volvo buzz cut on landing [cardvd-player.net]

Frank and Heather award was surprised, having recently transferred from the Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, Texas. The couple Volvo XC90 was coming from a small plane struck in for a landing. Student Pilot William Davis crashed the roof of … Continue reading

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Volvo Installs Pedestrian Airbag [cardvd-player.net's blog]

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo build some of the safest cars on the roads, protecting passengers from injury or worse. Now, the company has gone even further to protect not only those in the car but pedestrians at risk as well, with … Continue reading

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