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Nissan GT-R drag races Swiss fighter jet [cardvd-player.net]

Prove that speed is fun in all languages, the German arm of Nissan recently between a GT-R against a fighter jet of the ex-air force suíço, called Hawker Hunter. Now, the idea of a drag race car-versus-plan is nothing new, … Continue reading

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Toyota Me.We concept is a multifunction Tupperware car [cardvd-player.net]

Not to be outdone by Renault Twin ‘ concept of Z, written by Welsh designer Ross Love grove, Toyota has partnered with French designer Jean-Marie Massaud creating 2013 Toyota me. We concept. Me. we concept unveiled at Le Rendez-vous Toyota … Continue reading

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Ken Block does his thing with the Ford Fiesta ST [cardvd-player.net]

Ken Block recently went to Budapest to get some fans on a trip around an ice rink in the Ford Fiesta ST. Surprisingly, no hand-held cameras to capture the event. Do not expect to see the caliber of tricks we … Continue reading

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Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series fears for its tires with Chris Harris at the wheel [cardvd-player.net]

By now, you should know that you need a good team to get excited Chris Harris. The boy spends much time intrigued by a group of hardware lustworthy. However, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series seems to have done everything … Continue reading

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Ford Fiesta ST é trabalhada na pista [cardvd-player.net]

Nós somos grandes fãs do turbo Ford Focus ST, e estamos muito animados que o Oval Azul vai oferecer um tratamento semelhante no Fiesta menores aqui nos Estados Unidos, também. Primeiro vimos o pronto para produção Fiesta ST de cinco … Continue reading

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How could a lifted Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG be more awesome? Add an axle [cardvd-player.net]

We are fully confident that this is the most amazing thing you see every day. First, it is a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen – AMG specifications, no less. It is being shown for the glory of high-definition video, bursting through the desert, … Continue reading

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Fan video from stands shows horror of Daytona crash [cardvd-player.net]

Things took a turn for the worse during the events of this weekend’s NASCAR Daytona when a race car crashed into the fence that separates the track and grandstand, injuring 33 fans in the process. In our original report, including … Continue reading

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Woman finds live owl trapped inside grille of her Ford [cardvd-player.net]

Ah, Florida … how I love you so. After all, almost always the head seems most unlikely, impossible and other stories scratchingest penetrate into northern Florida. Take, for example, the video that you will see below. It is not uncommon … Continue reading

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Volvo S60 Polestar Concept looking Smurfy in Jay Leno’s Garage [cardvd-player.net]

It ‘s just us, or has Garage Jay Leno has evolved from a series of videos intimate, off-the-cuff to show the comic collection late night car into something far more ambitious and … mainstream? This is not a complaint, as … Continue reading

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Armored Toyota is a pleasure palace in disguise [cardvd-player.net]

We have seen our share of settlers armored vehicles, bulletproof models of BMW Land Rover SUV that can take a mine. But Lexani Motorcars recently presented their experience armored car to work on a Toyota Sequoia. Why? The company is … Continue reading

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Watch this Ferrari 288 GTO get a top-flight detailing job [cardvd-player.net]

Detailing was once the last thing that he had no interest in doing so, and if possible, would be something like that, we had even less interest in seeing someone more detail some other car. There are so fascinated by … Continue reading

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Chevy turns to aliens to pitch Volt in Super Bowl ad [cardvd-player.net]

Just when you thought you’d seen all the ads from Super Bowl I had to do, jump Chevrolet to a whole new place for the Volt. General Motors’ plug-in hybrid has struggled to drive sales for a number of reasons, … Continue reading

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Seven days with eight Porsches in Europe looks how you would expect [cardvd-player.net]

We come in a variety of video cam on the board, and although we become insensitive to road accidents in conflict or race day, we leave you speechless this video. Simply titled “so 2012 was:” This is an amazing video … Continue reading

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What it’s like to own two historic Nissan Skylines [cardvd-player.net]

We have no hesitation in admitting that. Our love for vintage Japanese tin There is something in the hardware of the country since the 1960s and 70s, which makes all the switches for us, and the beautiful skyline sits on … Continue reading

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Redone 2013 Honda Civic seems to appease Consumer Reports [cardvd-player.net]

Consumer Reports and the Honda Civic and the kiss shown above. After the Covenant significant “emergency refresh” after only one year on the market, with CR. His hands on the car for a short trip While the evaluation was far … Continue reading

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Honda warns off Mama’s boys in new ad [cardvd-player.net]

Honda is not the fault of the Christmas advertising is now before Thanksgiving. But if you are, we can at least Honda, thank you for giving us the shameful, but know-it-all-too-good mother poking celebration of technology in the new Honda … Continue reading

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Consumer Reports weighs in with its first Tesla Model S review [cardvd-player.net]

Everyone was ringing in his thoughts on the Tesla Model S lately, and with the car to take home the prestigious prizes as Motor Trend Car of the Year, which is unlikely to change in the short term. Without going … Continue reading

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Volvo-powered tractor is just the thing for roostertails [cardvd-player.net]

In the unlikely event that you manage to escape this machine video Burnout improbable world, here is the clip in all its glory. Some creative men succeeded in developing a four-cylinder petrol engine of a stranger B21ET Volvo 240 set … Continue reading

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Explosion at Bombardier R&D facility in Quebec leaves two badly injured [cardvd-player.net]

Bombardier has closed its research and development, Victor, Quebec, as a result of overnight explosions late last week. Two employees were left with severe burns after the incident, including a security guard. Both were taken to a local hospital for … Continue reading

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VW tunes in to Depeche Mode with new Golf ad [cardvd-player.net]

When the first Volkswagen Golf was launched in 1974 to life, the world was still six years away from fulfilling Depeche Mode, but both are now pillars of the respective industries. The British band has just released her album 13, … Continue reading

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