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Chevy turns to aliens to pitch Volt in Super Bowl ad [cardvd-player.net]

Just when you thought you’d seen all the ads from Super Bowl I had to do, jump Chevrolet to a whole new place for the Volt. General Motors’ plug-in hybrid has struggled to drive sales for a number of reasons, … Continue reading

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Nissan admits US Leaf sales strategy was “a little bit arrogant,” promises change [cardvd-player.net]

Sales of the Nissan Leaf is not as high as expected CEO Carlos Ghosn once, and Nissan is now admits that part of the problem is how Nissan introduced the car. But do not worry, Nissan vice president of sales, … Continue reading

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Honda warns off Mama’s boys in new ad [cardvd-player.net]

Honda is not the fault of the Christmas advertising is now before Thanksgiving. But if you are, we can at least Honda, thank you for giving us the shameful, but know-it-all-too-good mother poking celebration of technology in the new Honda … Continue reading

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Artist Liu Bolin helps Ford Fusion stand out by making rivals blend in [cardvd-player.net]

Liu Bolin, the world famous Chinese artist to paint the same to camouflage themselves in the background of an image, has teamed up with Ford to its latest advertisement for the Ford Fusion from 2013. The goal of print ads … Continue reading

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Chrysler launches new Ram ads and gears up for Super Bowl XLV [cardvd-player.net]

Perhaps no car company has made big splashes in the last two years in the Super Bowl of Chrysler, and the director of automotive marketing, Olivier Francois, said today that he does the big game back in February plans. Last … Continue reading

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Toyota debuts ‘Let’s Go Places’ tagline [cardvd-player.net]

There is more movement in the marketing world: While Lincoln takes its “reinvented” campaign, Toyota has announced a new advertising slogan: “Let’s courts.” Only time will tell where it fits in the history of the brand of sentences completion anonymous … Continue reading

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