Steering wheel control

Steering wheel control

What it steering wheel control?What do you do if you want to change the music or open the DVD when you are driving your car?Do you have to reached your hand? Oh,please,don’t!! It so dangerous!Then,here comes to the steering wheel control.Your hand don’t need to leave the steering wheel when you want to contrl other things,haha,it is cool? 

And here comes an question–Most of the cars has steering wheel control in their original cd radio player,the questions is if we replace the car dvd player to the car,will we lose the steering wheel control?Our answer is:No,you will be able to keep it work as original.So how?

We need to check the original cd player if it has can bus or not,it is very important to clear this first.If the car no can bus for the original cd player,everything will be easy and simple.We can just connect the steering wheel control wire from the car dvd player to the steering wheel control wire,and then setup it to make it work,after setting,the steering wheel control will be working.We will meet many cars which no need can bus for hyundai,kia,nissan and toyota,or some of the cars from VW,Honda and others.For such cars,we can easy and simple install a standard 2 din car dvd player for most of these cars,and easy to make the steering wheel control work.


For other cars

which has can bus,we need to be careful about it,for example the most of the VW cars,BMW cars,Audi cars…etc,they are all require can bus to make the steering wheel control work.So if you need to use steering wheel control in these cars,you need to install the car dvd player with can bus,and most of these car dvd player are special design for the car,especially the can bus,because different car use different can bus,this is the reason we call them special car dvd player.For these cars,we don’t need to setup the steering wheel control most of the time,because the can bus is special for the car,everything had pre-program in factory.

The problem for the cars which has can bus is that,mybe some of the steering wheel control function can not work 100%,because the can bus will be a little different from the cars in different countries.For example,there are so little Opel cars in China,and they are a little difference in the outlook and inside,especially a little different in the original electronics system,so as feedback,some of the car dvd player for opel can not work 100% of the steering wheel control and the data computer,it is a little pity but as our 5 years experience,it will happen sometimes.

And for other models,like car dvd player for mazda3,car dvd player for audi A4,or Car DVD Player for Chevrolet Cruze…etc,they are working perfit as feedback. All Right Reserved.Back to Shopping on: Car DVD player car dvd player with GPS for Toyota Car DVD Player with GPS for Honda Car DVD Player with GPS for Hyundai Car PC Car DVD Players Headrest DVD Player Audi DVD Player BMW DVD Player Buick DVD Player Chevrolet DVD Player Citroen DVD Player Daihatsu DVD Player Ford DVD Player Fiat DVD Player GMC DVD Player Honda DVD Player Hyundai DVD Player Lexus DVD Player Kia DVD Player Mazda DVD Player Mercedes-Benz DVD Player Mitsubishi DVD Player Nissan DVD Player Opel DVD Player Peugeot DVD Player Skoda DVD Player Renault DVD Player Suzuki DVD Player Toyota DVD Player Volkswagen DVD Player Rear Camera

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