2012 Mercedes-Benz GL550 4Matic: Review notes

The price of this 2012 Mercedes-Benz GL550 4Matic makes me gasp, but this is as fine a vacation vehicle as one could ask for. If there’s a quieter, smoother big ute on the market, I’d like to see it.

This thing is just butter. The power, never abrupt or overbearing, is just smooth, smooth, smooth and more than ample when you need it. Shifts are imperceptible.

Handling-wise, this ute isn’t exactly agile, but it drives well for a 5,500-pounder. The adjustable suspension makes the ride suitable for most conditions, or at least all of the ones I encountered. One could argue that the soft setting is a little too forgiving. I found myself in soft when I had the thing loaded up with people and firm when I was by myself. That seemed to be a good compromise.

The whole truck exudes quality, from the sheetmetal gaps to the door thunks. The cockpit is well built and the seats are comfortable for long hauls; my longest was a couple of hours, and the seats were terrific. And God knows this ute certainly will haul a ton of stuff and/or people in supreme comfort.

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