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As seen in the right light Italian / Europe, Fiat is properly called a small car realm. This is not the history of the brand, however, and is certainly not like being labeled as Fiat. But the same type mark to admit that, in the end, without the smallest cars smart and correct price on your line, do not even exist today.
Between early 1980 and early 21st century, however, the Fiat brand apparently did everything possible to destroy himself and his reputation core to produce a series of compact cars unamazing certifiably car that behaved more like boring and half below . Just go look at Pace, one, Duna, the Cinquecento 1992-98, 2004-07 Seicento/600, and the last European mega-flop, the Stilo, interrupted in 2008. Fortunately, nearly just outside the mid aughts doors, however, has not been the case.
Trapped in this self-inflicted Catch-22 dependence of small cars, Fiat finally started to capitalize on the millstone around his neck and turned it into something positive with the introduction of the new 500 in 2007. The Abarth 500 and popular interpretations have allowed the Fiat subcompact award finally create good profit because these cars have become fashion trend and custom states worldwide.
Now I’ve driven this raunchy 2014 Fiat 500L mini-MPV, which should arrive in the U.S. until the end of June. It is the next chapter in the rise of the Fiat brand from the ashes and re-enter the United States. The latter has been, perhaps, a much slower increase than desired due to the great recession and the European car market, which continues to collapse on itself quite intimidating, but now there is light at the end of the tunnel Fiat. After a week of normal day-to-day with his son and his friends and stuff and many miles traveled, was sincerely convinced 500L after not really knowing at all what to expect.

It is built on the production facilities, once shook the horrible Yugo subcompact.
People who study this area and would like to suss things you can point a skeptic finger jumps around the fact that the 500L for North America (and the world) is being built at a local factory in Kragujevac, Serbia. This is a site where once stood the prehistoric production unit that shook the horrible Yugo subcompact. We can already see commentators achieve their keyboards that mean that all Fiat builds no better than a Yugo. If you are someone who feels the need to make that statement wrong just because you can, hold for a second, right?
Fiat took over the entire industrial site in Kragujevac which was occupied by the manufacturer Zastava, which resulted in the humiliating little hellbox Yugo until 2008. Immediately, the Italians threw everything and built what is now arguably the most advanced production unit throughout the empire Fiat-Chrysler Group at a cost close to $ 1.5 billion. What I noticed in my classroom very Euro-chic Top 500L finished with a torque 1.6-liter MultiJet turbodiesel engine that was in this price range is eminently useful attractive, well-built, intelligent and in my eyes, just right amount of adorable. Here’s hoping its North American marketing and advertising can be targeted, so for the Abarth 500 level or post-disaster J.Lo-500.

Many suggestions on the 500L is passed the sweet look beautiful 500.
Well, I’m not blinded by my head is in the clouds, and I’m drunk on Chianti: the 500L is very … interesting design, for example. The hem. When the word “beautiful” coming out of my mouth in reference to 500L, is happier word to choose when looking for my daughter after she got dressed and did her own hair for the first time. The scruffy exterior 500L grew on me during the time I was with him. I will say that I prefer this design to the Mini Countryman, and many suggestions on the 500L is passed the sweet look cute citycar 500.
The open sets as littler wheel 500L – people like me, I guess – it is simply digging this truck well packaged. Only the audience that brings a smile to my face. Of course, the highest seat perch that was in town Italian daily traffic will be less “up there” on U.S. streets with metal plates surrounding mountains, but still should be sufficient in most circumstances. I also hope that bank funds are extended slightly to U.S. entities, as it was too short for proper thigh support. Exterior overall size-wise, we’re talking Mini Countryman and the Kia Soul territory here.

The suspension system is designed more for the country against cruise sculpt curves.
You can look at the rated-103 of the 1.6-liter Multijet turbodiesel four-cylinder and brake pounds 500L 3000-Plus and laugh, but spring in the step engine speeds lower gears and lower to around city ​​or suburbs is very good, thanks of course to the 236 pound feet of torque generated way down low in the rev range. Reach 60 mph from a standstill in 11.0 seconds or less, with a maximum speed of 112 kilometers per hour, and returning upwards of 52 miles per U.S. gallon, last time I checked, there was only enough to survive from day to day. This is especially true in an urban context, in the course of things and human beings around tight streets. In addition, all Italians watched us in a very good and often asking questions about 500L – always a good sign.
In addition to the guidance that has outstanding benefits and apparent external visibility, suspension calibration standard 500L immediately surprised me because I was expecting to get very deep shock to hear on the mean streets of Italy to the city. Neither happened and the feeling was great for daily driving on all surfaces, even with my dress fully optioned tester with “Bianco” Diamantato 17-inch wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 all seasons steps – 225/45 R17 91V all. Of course, once the road becomes sports and wants to push the 500L how you can make your Abarth, will soon see that the configuration 500L – as it shares its architecture with the Euro-only micro crossover Fiat Panda – meaning more the country against cruise sculpt curves and their times. There is some roll in the chassis, but is soft and forgiving, because it absorbs all the bumps are very well.

We can expect a quick mini-MPV experience what I have experienced here in Italy.
The version of the 1.4-liter MultiAir four-cylinder turbo gases found in North America 500L is similar in design to the 1.4-liter four Dodge Dart. There’s a song that winds up more than the European Punto Abarth, however, as it reaches 158 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque for acceleration of about 60 mph in 9.0 seconds or less ( versus 7.7 seconds Punto Abarth that weighed 300 pounds less than 500 L). So we can expect a quick mini-MPV of what I have experienced here in Italy, but less attack in the city will be less satisfactory than the 1.6-liter diesel engine I’ve tried.
Another detail joyful in my 500L was loaded with dry cargo left double optional six-speed clutch “transmission, instead of letting the standard six-speed manual. When it comes to small diesel engines, a manual is the best match and this is a very good transmission. DDCT Fiat fine, but in this particular configuration with the diesel engine as his partner, I would avoid. 1.4T configuration with the gas to the U.S., however, should DDCT do a very good partner. Yet this book with its big button easy palm change is ultimately the way forward in 500L if you care about driving pleasure and smoothness.

It occurred to me a few days of vacation the best phone on Friday to beat the national parks, for example.
Within the 500L, life is good, with a flexible load and passenger area, a huge panoramic glass roof opening (optional) and a set of good systems on board to help. All passengers must feel they have a lot of space and cargo space can range from basic up to 14.1 cubic feet to 46.3 cubic feet The front passenger seat can also fold flat for long loads those IKEA.
With this optional glass roof – pigeons or seagulls eating restriction pulp fiber perching on branches above her parking spot – I could think of a better cell turns good time to hit national parks, for example. Also, put the touchscreen works with support plate for the optional sound system beats our own Dr. Dre makes a game hit the glass house. A strange, perhaps err on ultra-kitsch, contact with the tissue banks in my tester is the English message script embossed on the front and rear seats that says: “More color can speak to the hearts of thousands of different ways. ”
Fabric uplifting messages aside, the 2014 Fiat 500L should inch the Italian success in the market segments larger and more comfortable. And it’s a thang-cute li’l frumpy. Come.

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