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There were four models of the Black Series Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Black Series was presented to the European public in 2006. After that, the club has hosted appearances CLK63 Black Series AMG Black Series 2008, the 2009 SL65 AMG Black Series and last year 2013 C63 AMG Black Series. The sixth member of the group is to have thought that he was a Black Series car as standard. Right out of the box, the SLS AMG is noisy, frenetic, cozy, busy and terribly easy to oversteer. The more I needed to get Black?
A little, well, apparently. The SLS AMG Black Series has lost weight, came to power and was refurbished with aerodynamic improvements and pieces from front to back. If you liked the way it was before, is likely to be an even bigger fan of it. If you thought it looked weird, well, he must remain until later contests. Regardless of where you come down this is the best option we have performed SLS AMG.”Extreme performance for the road” and “pilot for the street” were the watchwords that have guided the development of the SLS AMG Black Series, but it can reasonably be said of all the models who donned the Black Series badge. In another model, however, had a variant dedicated row from which inspiration, while it does: SLS GT3 from AMG race. Last year, the only version of chess-flag continued to put the bite behind its bark ridiculously basso with 43 wins and nine titles in global competition, including the driver and team titles in the FIA ​​GT3 and FIA GT1 World Championship .

Technology transfer was largely in the other direction – of road racing car.
Hello Källenius, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG road car said: “The new SLS AMG Black Series is a perfect study in one hundred percent of transfer of technology and engineering for road racing. Success We have inspired in the world of racing car SLS AMG GT3 customer sport, conceptually and in terms of technology. ”
The problem is that if the unit were invited to the Paul Ricard circuit in the south of France, Tobias Moers, Head of Total Vehicle Development for AMG, admits that technology transfer was, in large part, on the other direction – the car for road racing. That is, the car can be purchased at the dealership floor and designed so that once you have parked in the paddock straight incomplete. Similar to the Audi R8 Grand-Am, wherein the motor output has only three changes thereto and the race car is more than half made up of pieces of automobile production, the body panels to be part difference. The SLS AMG GT3 has a tube with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), the road car par, and when asked about getting rid of HVAC systems in the Black Series, Moers, said: “The GT3 car has air conditioning.”

“We wanted to be one of the most efficient vehicles in Hockenheim.”
When asked what was the purpose, Moers, said: “We wanted to be one of the most efficient vehicles on the Hockenheim circuit,” which supposedly is to car enthusiasts what the Germans became Nürburgring for us. In setting “short” used by the German magazine Sport Auto, Moers said they wanted to take 2.5 seconds from the time of the SLS AMG GT back on track. The Black Series at Hockenheim was 1:08, and if you can trust these days, which would put it somewhere between the road-legal Radical SR3 SL and Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with the Z07 package in the range of 1:08, joining It is another fast coupes like the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador and McLaren MP4-12C. Oh, and yes, it makes the circuit of at least 2.5 seconds faster than the SLS AMG GT.
Increased heart is where the updates begin, the 6.2 liters V8 naturally aspirated get a higher redline Series GT in Black – 8000 rpm compared to 7,200 rpm – more power and 39 for a total of 622 hp at 7,400 rpm. Tighten down a touch, of 479 lb.-ft. GT 468 in foot-pounds at 5,500 rpm in the Black Series. To maintain a constant carrier gas front AMG installed between the engine and the body, and a transmission carrier gas filled is stabilized.

As everybody knows that a heart bionic bionic shares must really show, members and tendons also have engineering degree n. A tube extends CFRP engine torque to the transmission seven-speed dual-clutch transmission which, under the orders of software rewritten to make changes even faster and rev-matching on downshifts. Placed almost half inch smaller for dropping the center of gravity, a low center of gravity and with the aid of elements such as CFRP cover panel and bulkhead rear CFRP.
£ 154 for track days have removed Black Series swelling compared to the GT.
The coilover suspension fork gets new assemblies and gaskets, bushings and camber settings revised spring rates and larger. Still hangs out thus extending control over the front 0.8 inches, 0.9 inches rear. Performance Suspension Adaptive Damping two configurations for Sport and Sport + adapts to different terrain: the first rolling roads and trails with elevation changes roll as The Ring ‘, where you need a little more body and compliance, and the second to flatter themes as Paul Ricard.
One hundred and fifty-four pounds of bloating track days have removed Black Series GT compared with the titanium exhaust accounts for almost 29 of the same. The CFRP pipe torque drops almost 30 pounds more, the performance of two pieces of high brake omitted another 35.3 wheels, 10 spokes on forgings – front 19 inches, 20 inches at the rear has two Michelin Pilot Sport Cup rubber – Shaving 8.8 pounds unsprung mass. A lithium-ion battery replaces the conventional unit, and producing about 18 pounds compared. It could have been even lighter, but AMG wanted it to be sturdy enough to wear all year round, need not be removed in winter.

The end result is a curb weight of 3,417 kg. If you maintain control, which is a couple hundred pounds more than the 2014 Porsche GT3.
The maximum speed of the Black Series is one mile per hour less than the GT at 196 mph.
Not weight weenie, such subtleties abroad, the SLS AMG Black Series announcing its intention road racing car cool with a shoebox full of bits of air. Black says series like black around the taillights were lost between the air intakes and bumpers, extractors, carbon fiber lip and outlets, rear diffuser and large – should opt for the AMG aero kit – a wing carbon fiber with a Gurney flap. You gain 60 pounds of downforce at 200 km per hour, and that is why the speed of the Black Series is one mile per hour less than the GT at 196 mph.
DTM legend Bernd Schneider opened the way to carry everywhere Paul Ricard, and it was obvious how it started fast laps was not being paid to be calm. The first version of the SLS AMG did not hesitate to punish carelessness or inattention through a corner, playing his way back at any time, without thinking that he was provoked. That was checked a couple of years later, when the suspension settings have been revised for more compliance in areas less noisy, but was still willing to make the pendulum without much need to persuade.

The configuration of the track today at the first corner there was a 90-degree right-hander at 90 degrees to the right 50 meters was also a little more open, and then a short straight build it fast enough it would brake hard for a degree of 90 and was immediately delivered to an angle of 90 degrees to the right and left of larger radius leading to a length sequence, after which the rest of the track opened in one single and dual high speed scanners apex left and right until the right tight end was again on the main straight.
Two surprises are the thin, flat-bottomed steering wheel and steering lightness.
This first sequence would have been at least four calls to spoil all the way around, and maybe even your day AMG cars and one of the press, the original SLS. Moreover, when we take the SLS AMG roadgoing out on the road a few months ago, we thought that was a bit nervous, since deep into triple digits.
These two behaviors have been suppressed in the SLS AMG Black Series. Strap on carbon fiber buckets nonadjustable Black Series – we will not have those in the U.S., we get the traditional seats – and pull onto the track, and the first two are skinny tires surprises Alcantara steering wheel, flat-bottomed steering lightness. Despite its lightness, however, necessary. Do not complain about having to work harder, but we have no complaints about what you can do with it.

Torch throttle and speed in the main straight is developing rapidly, the titanium exhaust roar make it even faster. Equipped with the new center and rear silencers, this thing screams inside and out, so that the sound of the engine, I can only say that virtually everything you need to know about what you’re doing and how you are doing.
It could have been a speed that we feel, “Hey, this might be enough,” never arrived.
When we started braking to set up for the first round, see-sawing the wheel left and right a few times and he did the back straight, our initial question was why everything went very well. There was a response in three parts: the suspension tuning with stiffer front for better stability and turn-in, mid corner, the CFRP additional stiffening around the chassis, and electronic locking rear differential replacing the mechanical element. That LSD electronics, introduced in the catalog Mercedes-Benz in this car is the equivalent of ordering the car back “Behave!” Instead of feeling you usually get in a SLS AMG, which is “This thing can get out of control at any moment,” feel, “This is going to get out of hand, if I get out of hand.” Not completely turn ESP off, the tone of stability in S + provides plenty of action Slidey wheel and rear-wheel drift through the scanners up to our capabilities.
Get well over 100 miles per hour in front and back straight, without any nervousness time experience found on normal road car. Indeed, we wish lines were longer. It could have been a speed that we feel, “Hey, this might be enough,” never arrived.

The production is very limited and there are only a handful of options.
Although we were told that the S + configuration is for flat tracks like Paul Ricard, “plan” is a relative term – the Black Series in S + is rigid enough to record changes in the surface of the same Paul Ricard. Thus, although certain aspects of the old road car SLS rebels have suffocated in the Black Series, we are happy that they have not been completely tamed – constant feedback on the ride never lets you forget you’re driving a serious track day tuned hardware knowledge, but remains front of mind for the right reasons. You can concentrate on the domain of the beast rather than count the times that the animal seemed determined to throw it away.
The SLS AMG Black Series hits stores on our beaches this summer. The production is very limited and there are only a handful of options such as color, whether to delete the COMAND infotainment (and save £ 13) or include the explosion of 1,000 watts and Olufsen sound system, and how many bits of carbon fiber I would stay outside.
There are easier to cool street racing cars to drive, but can not be too much of something soft, too – there’s a reason that saddle broncs rodeo riders and bulls to win, not cows. The SLS AMG Black Series has a good balance, neither surgical nor monstrous, is involved. Learning to ride hard, you will find it rewarding too.

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