Ireland could allow “moderately” drunk driving []

On the one hand is the size of Ireland against drunk driving: a maximum permitted level of alcohol in the blood of 0.05 percent (the legal limit is 0.08 in many states in the U.S.), and as the statistics limit lower and checkpoints have. “reduced road deaths by 42 percent in the last four years” on the other hand, it is necessary Councillor Danny Healy-Rae county Kerry, which deals with some of their older voters be isolated in rural areas: Healy-Rae said that the pub is the only place to socialize in some villages, and no public transport and no way to get home after a couple of pints, some villagers elderly end up staying home every night for fear of losing their licenses.
To resolve this problem, Healy-Rae put forward a motion that would allow some Irish disk after “two or three” drinks – with “some” be limited to certain people in certain out-of-the-way places. It ‘clear that he does not want the thought of as a general provision for the entire country, saying that “the streets I’m talking about, you could not do more than 20 or 30 mph and that is not a big problem . I see a big problem with that. ”
Mayor Kerry has a big problem with it, questioning how it is possible to suggest that drinking and driving, by anyone, for any reason, is acceptable. Alcohol Action Ireland has also agreed, soaking his head Healy-Rae arguments “in rural areas who may be suffering from isolation will not be eligible to put their lives and those of other members of your community at risk of drinking and driving . “Healy-Rae motion was approved at a meeting of the city council by a vote of 5-3, and is now asking the Irish Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, to consider. All Right Reserved.Back to Shopping on: Car DVD player car dvd player with GPS for Toyota Car DVD Player with GPS for Honda Car DVD Player with GPS for Hyundai Car PC Car DVD Players Headrest DVD Player Audi DVD Player BMW DVD Player Buick DVD Player Chevrolet DVD Player Citroen DVD Player Daihatsu DVD Player Ford DVD Player Fiat DVD Player GMC DVD Player Honda DVD Player Hyundai DVD Player Lexus DVD Player Kia DVD Player Mazda DVD Player Mercedes-Benz DVD Player Mitsubishi DVD Player Nissan DVD Player Opel DVD Player Peugeot DVD Player Skoda DVD Player Renault DVD Player Suzuki DVD Player Toyota DVD Player Volkswagen DVD Player Rear Camera

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