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Now you can really think about is that quite a few owners really know Kia Soul. Three of my friends have, the mother of a friend just bought one, and even my child has a maintenance contract building. Every time I talk. To one of these people who say to me a point of how much they make a unique soul and how Kia is almost perfect for their needs own love When it appeared in my red Molten parking, spent the janitor a good 15 minutes to inspect from the top down, to see how it compares to the Plus model generation that is so expensive.

There are good reasons for the unrest. Soul offers an interesting package offers good looks, functionality, technology, efficiency and sophistication in the crowd, but does so in a way that people that like attracts vehicles with good ground clearance and seat control units. Wrap it all in an incredibly affordable package, and it’s really a recipe for success.

Take Notes

The upper level 2.0-liter inline-four is a much needed massage during 2012 to update the model, and lb-ft as a result, power has been updated to 142 horsepower and 137 pound-feet of torque to 164 hp and 148 , so …
There is a great power on tap water without sacrifice in efficiency. Even with this more powerful engine fuel consumption is estimated at 26 mpg in the city and 34 mpg highway. The base 1.6-liter previously tested reduced by 26 hp and 25 Nm, but only one additional mpg in the city and highway cycles.
New Kia six-speed automatic transmission offers smooth shifts, but to jump a gear for passing on the highway. The transmission will be a march to its redline before changing gear, but if you persist in this way, must be punished with a busy engine noise.
The 18-inch wheels of this tester are very strong and help drive home funky / cool the soul, but in combination with P235/45R18 Nexen, a rough ride in less-than-ideal surfaces.
With an upright windshield and large greenhouse would be ideal for visibility, but the wind noise to a goal. Fortunately, Infinity stereo system has updated no problem and provides good sound quality when set up – you do that many times to stop wind noise on the highway.
This higher level! Model – that’s “Scream” pronounced – offers leather seats (front heated), as part of the $ 2,500 Premium Package. My test car had a little less than 500 miles on it and the leather looked worn in places, especially in the back seat.
However, the rear seats are comfortable and reasonably spacious. I had no complaints from passengers and although admittedly I am only five feet seven inches, I found a large amount of headroom and leg. Fold the seats flat and you will be rewarded with 53.4 cubic feet of cargo space, too.
That is, the rest of the interior looks and feels excellent. With fine-grained plastic in a color palette of two colors, black and brown in the cabin Certain elements, such as the padded leather steering wheel and leather doors give a plus in luxury, even -. The intricacies of reception in a car with a price of less than $ 25k
In fact, the sub-$ 24K. Despite this soul is fully charged! with the premium package and accessories as luggage rack, rear bumper sticker application and auto-dimming mirrors for only $ 23,575, including $ 775 for destination. Good (not to 10-year/100 ,000-mile warranty Kia mention) prices, it is no wonder that this car is still a great success.

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