Nissan creates Spec Z series with National Auto Sport Association

Nissan is partnering with the National Auto Sport Association to create a new spec road-racing series for the 2003-08 Nissan 350Z. The company says the series will focus on close competition, parity and cost containment.

NASA Spec Z will offer a contingency prize program, while Nissan Motorsports will provide technical support. The prize program awards up to $850 for the top three finishers at regional events, and Nissan Motorsports will provide $6,500 in cash support to the top Spec Z finishers at the NASA Championships.

BFGoodrich will be the control tire for the series; the tiremaker has also created a contingency prize program. Other prizes are being finalized.

“We are very excited about Spec Z,” said Jeremy Croiset, NASA sponsorship manager. “We have been working closely with Nissan Motorsports on the creation of Spec Z, and it will be an excellent series for anyone looking to step into a spec vehicle that’s fast and relatively inexpensive to build, maintain and race.”

There are plenty of rules for the spec series, including what drivers can modify and what they can’t. Engines for the series are basically stock, but fuel octane can rise above 100. Lightening is not permitted, but there are a few parts that can be removed. If you’re interested, check out the full Spec Z rule book here.

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