Beijing tail number limit line policy until 2015 []

A project of Beijing’s new airport, built in 2015, the new aviation passenger handling capacity of 40 million passengers / year. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission, the introduction of “Beijing” 12th Five-Year “period of transportation development and construction planning”, 2015, the Beijing party and government organs and the full allocation of public institutions, no further increase in the official car indicators, units and individuals. The annual net increase of passenger vehicles to the implementation of the overall regulation and control.
Tail number limit line:
Continue to implement in the next three years
“12th Five-Year” at the end the city’s average daily trip total will reach 54 million to 59 million passengers, average trip distance increased to 11 km. Motor vehicle ownership continues the momentum of rapid growth is difficult to slow down, the central city road network carrying capacity is difficult to support.
The program states that the vehicle working day peak period region will continue to implement measures to limit line (the end of the limit line) and yellow standard car limit line, inclement weather, major events may lead to serious congestion, timely focus on traffic congested road Take the odd and even number driving measures.
Official vehicles no further increase in the index, and strictly managed. Annual net increase of passenger car units and individuals to implement total control, to curb excessive growth.
Take full advantage of video and telephone conference, and other modern means of reducing traffic travel. Encourage qualified enterprises to implement flexible working, avoid it.
New airport:
Strive finished building a 2015
2015, and strive to build a project of Beijing’s new airport, the simultaneous construction of the surrounding transport infrastructure, including the connection of the new airport highway in Beijing; the construction of the Capital International Airport runway to complete the operating area of ​​Terminal 2 upgrade and the Western A380 transformation of the Capital International Airport into a major international hub airports.
Railway line:
The Jingjiu off designed to direct the new airport
Railways, Beijing-Shenyang passenger dedicated line will be built, Jing Zhang intercity promote the Beijing Chinatown, the Beijing-Kowloon passenger line to Beijing a new airport construction projects. Completion of the Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station underground diameter line, promoting Baiziwan to Yizhuang contact line construction. Rebuilding the Fengtai Station, New Spark Station and the new Beijing East Railway Station, the formation of the seven stations of Beijing passenger layout.
Sixth Ring Road:
Timely Widening
“12th Five-Year” period, the construction of the G3 Beijing high-speed (five rings – municipal boundaries), G5, the Jingkun high speed (Garden Village – municipal boundaries), the G7 Beijing new high-speed (five rings – Sixth Ring, Ruby port – Yanqing county), Beijing, close a high-speed (Chengde – open around the island), a total of 126.9 kilometers. Timely to broaden the transformation of the Sixth Ring Road.
Public Transportation:
Reform and improve the ticket system fares
The end of the “12th Five-Year”, the central city public transportation proportion will try to reach 50%, the small proportion of bus travel is controlled below 25% the proportion of bicycles is maintained at about 18%. Center of the city road network congestion index was controlled at about 7 (mild congestion), the central city commuter travel time on average no more than 1 hours.
New rail transit line construction is completed on the 6th line, line 7, line 14 10 line. Focus on promoting the 16th line, on the 8th line three, Haidian mountain, Yan room line construction, the city’s rail transit network running in 2015 the total mileage of 660 km, within the Fifth Ring Road, an average of 1000 m walk to reach the subway station.
Reform and improve the public transport ticket system fare.
Within three years does not increase the total
Close not too far not to go, the Nada package does not pull peak Blocking bad rain could not beat …… In recent years, taxis refuse to take passengers to pick the job bargaining violations prominent. City Transportation Commission Transportation Bureau officials said earlier that the taxi is difficult mainly due to the total imbalances, more than 60,000 vehicles a taxi is the scale of the 1990s, with the continuous development of urban scale, taxi total demand is There are certain gaps. Clear in the new introduction of the “Beijing” 12th Five-Year “period traffic development and construction planning”, 2015, the city will continue to implement the taxi total control policies, taxi total remains 66600.
Since the taxi there are gaps, why not expand the scale? The reporter learned that Liu Xiaoming, director of the Municipal Transportation Commission has said that the taxi is not positioned at the city’s public transport, only public transportation supplement. Taxi to ensure the development of a certain size, but not the blind development of a taxi to solve day-to-day travel, configured in accordance with the maximum demand, the city will not run. All Right Reserved.Back to Shopping on: Car DVD player car dvd player with GPS for Toyota Car DVD Player with GPS for Honda Car DVD Player with GPS for Hyundai Car PC Car DVD Players Headrest DVD Player Audi DVD Player BMW DVD Player Buick DVD Player Chevrolet DVD Player Citroen DVD Player Daihatsu DVD Player Ford DVD Player Fiat DVD Player GMC DVD Player Honda DVD Player Hyundai DVD Player Lexus DVD Player Kia DVD Player Mazda DVD Player Mercedes-Benz DVD Player Mitsubishi DVD Player Nissan DVD Player Opel DVD Player Peugeot DVD Player Skoda DVD Player Renault DVD Player Suzuki DVD Player Toyota DVD Player Volkswagen DVD Player Rear Camera

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