Fisker Automotive lays off some workers as government reworks loan []

Focus on the Fisker Nina family sedan has temporarily halted for the Fisker Automotive plant in Wilmington, Del., even though the carmaker and the federal government discuss details of you can actually $529 million Us department of energy loan. The interruption has generated the layoff of 26 people at its Delaware plant and also a variety of contract engineers at Fisker’s Anaheim, Calif., headquarters.
Fisker Automotive said several of the engineering-staff reductions in Anaheim were already planned that occur in between growth of the Karma and also the Nina.
Why is the United states doe reworking the borrowed funds? Among the requirements for the massive funding was that Fisker meet certain deadlines, or milestones, for production of the Karma sedan. When those deadlines cant be found met, the department required modification of the terms of the loan to include new deadlines to the company’s second car, the Nina. Fisker Automotive downplayed the renegotiations as normal.
“DOE loan-modification negotiations are fairly standing operating procedure,” Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher said. “We need to deliver on certain milestones, so we didn’t hit all our targets while using the Karma. It is a relatively ordinary combination of events.”
Ormisher said much of the Delaware plant was on agenda for the Nina, with stamping presses and robots available, though more equipment still should be installed. Design develop the Nina is signed off on as well as the range-extending engine, a BMW four-cylinder, continues to be selected.
“Project Nina is already well advanced,” the corporation said in a statement. “Much of the engineering, design and development is near complete, and now we anticipate to increase operations again quickly.”
The Nina family car will probably be less space-consuming than the Karma, sized between an Audi A4 and an A6, or a Mercedes-Benz C-class and E-class. Information on the range-extending BMW engine weren’t released.
Production of the Fisker Karma continues at Valmet Automotive in Finland.
As of yet, Fisker has utilized $193 million on the $529 million government loan, mostly for the Karma. The renegotiations are for the remaining $336 million, that will go toward the Nina.
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