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The coachwork of Germany’s Karosseriebau Spohn doesn’t match the postwar design of grille-changing, lowering and chopping established by American customizers. Instead, Spohn generally used thick fenders, gigantic fins and low, sharply sloped front ends when customizing cars.
Spohn was established in 1920 in Ravensburg by Hermann Spohn and Josef Eiwanger being a body-repair shop. Spohn died in 1923, leaving his business partner with management of the company.
Eiwanger preferred creating custom bodies instead of hammering out dents. It wasn’t a long time before the business–still bearing the Spohn name–was putting a unique bodies on Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz and Maybach chassis.
Spohn thrived within the 1930s with Eiwanger for the helm as chief body designer and engineer. The company became Maybach’s favored coachbuilder and was liable for building bodies for Maybach’s Zeppelin DS8 and SW38 cars. Spohn revolutionized coachwork in 1931 featuring its streamlined body on the Zeppelin DS8 Cabriolet shown at the 1931 Berlin Auto Salon, 24 months before Pierce-Arrow unveiled its radically streamlined Silver Arrow.
When The second world war broke out, Spohn ventured into building direction finders for the German army to keep the company open. Eiwanger retired throughout the war with the exceptional son, Josef Eiwanger Jr., was place in handle of the business. In 1945, the occupying French made Spohn repair its military vehicles.
Spohn returned to coachbuilding in 1948 as soon as the West German currency reform. The organization built a couple of cars for Mercedes and Veritas; an example of a Veritas that has a Spohn body recently sold with the . But it really was American GIs who came throughout the doors requesting custom bodies because of their cars, that have been shipped both to and from Europe no cost because of the U.S. military, that helped the business enterprise thrive.
The junior Eiwanger works with clients to combine and match design elements to generate custom bodies. A lot of Spohn’s designs resembled popular American and European cars of times.
Noisy . 1950s, Spohn was asked by car designer Brooks Stevens to make bodies for a few concept cars, the 1956 Cadillac Die Valkyrie and also the 1955 Gaylord Gladiator. Both were shown in the Paris motor show in 1955 and 1956, respectively. Six copies of every car are believed to own occurred, with Spohn bodies.
On the list of Die Valkyries is owned by Joe Bortz, a renowned collector of concept cars from General Motors’ Motorama.
“As i tell people We’ve with a Spohn body they can’t say for sure the name,” Bortz said. “But hopefully people want to learn more details on Spohn. [This company] made some great bodies for cars.”
The whereabouts of the remaining Valkyries and Gladiators are unknown.Spohn closed up shop in 1957, at which time its assets were liquidated.

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