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In the first place, it’s proof our collective interest in motoring individuality via ever-more improbable niches knows no bounds, because might know about essentially see this is a practical estate bodystyle, deliberately compromised by form over function.
Mercedes itself refers back to the CLS Shooting Brake as a ‘racecar coupe with five doors plus a roof that extends right towards the rear’.
Clearly, the swoopy Shooting Brake isn’t planning to challenge its E-class brother’s gargantuan loadbay, but then again, it is not purported to – this can be a much more fashionable proposition as opposed to E family wagon. However, the Shooting Brake does still manage a commendable 590 litres of load space, which expands to 1550 litres using the rear seats folded down. That rear bench now sports three seats, in contrast to the regular CLS, established like a strict two-seater inside hind quarters.
Your cargo will be travelling as stylishly as your passengers, too, due to an optional cherry tree wood boot floor, supplemented with alu-rubber rails to avoid the Waitrose groceries sliding around in transit. The family dog is likely to make of being transported within a ballroom-on-wheels we’re not sure, yet, perhaps the Shooting Brake didn’t have labrador-friendliness on top of its design agenda.
The cabin itself remains as-you-were CLS, though new finishes of wood trim and leather can be found via Mercedes individualisation programme.
What powers the CLS Shooting Brake?
Two diesel engines will likely be offered from launch in the UK. In the lower-powered end on the range we discover a few-cylinder 250 CDI BlueEfficiency, beneficial to 201bhp, 369lb ft, 53.3mpg and 139g/km of CO2. Performance is adequate for just a sporting coupe wagon: 0-62mph takes 7.8sec and this will top at the thoroughly UK-irrelevant 146mph.
One other powerplant is the 350 CDI V6 turbodiesel, develping 261bhp and 457lb ft from just 1600rpm. The extra thrust with the V6 car takes the 0-62mph sprint to a hot hatch-bothering 6.6sec, and top speed really needs to be restrained at the familiar 155mph limiter. Economy suffers slightly with the extra poke: the 350 scores 47mpg and 159g/km.
As you’d expect, there’s no manual gearbox option: shifting is taken care of by Merc’s seven-speed 7G Tronic auto transmission with stop-start as standard.
If you need a petrol-powered Shooting Brake, you’ll have to wait for an full-fat AMG version, sporting the 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8. Expect performance being akin to that surrounding the conventional CLS63 AMG: which will be 518bhp/516lb ft, 4.4sec to 62mph and 155mph, then.
Other things interesting about the CLS Shooting Brake?
The existing CLS was our planet’s first car to make available what Mercedes calls ‘High Performance LED headlights’, with greater light discharge than bi-xenons, but lower energy consumption. The CLS Shooting Brake could be the second-ever car to feature the technology, even so the car’s gadget talents aren’t on a snazzy headlamps.
There’s a motor vehicle-close tailgate as standard, and self-levelling air suspension in the rear to guide heavy loads from the Shooting Brake’s cargo space. In order to alleviate the tension a result of compromised rear visibility from your svelte shape, the Shooting Brake may even measure a proper parking space for itself – and go right ahead and self-park.
Aluminium features extensively from the car’s construction, as Mercedes continues its commitment to slow up the heft of its range. The Shooting Brake’s tailgate, bonnet, front wings, are aluminium, as well as some suspension and engine components. The pillarless doors are believed to each be 24kg lighter than conventional steel doors.
When can one get a CLS Shooting Brake?
Following its world debut at Mercedes-Benz World in the UK in the center of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Shooting Brakes is likely to make their approach to showroom floors in November 2012.
Mercedes will announce full specification and pricing details nearer that time, but considering the fact that a CLS commands around a £13k premium spanning a normal E-class saloon, don’t anticipate to be collecting a good leanly-specced Shotting Brake with much change from £48,000. All Right Reserved.Back to Shopping on: Car DVD player car dvd player with GPS for Toyota Car DVD Player with GPS for Honda Car DVD Player with GPS for Hyundai Car PC Car DVD Players Headrest DVD Player Audi DVD Player BMW DVD Player Buick DVD Player Chevrolet DVD Player Citroen DVD Player Daihatsu DVD Player Ford DVD Player Fiat DVD Player GMC DVD Player Honda DVD Player Hyundai DVD Player Lexus DVD Player Kia DVD Player Mazda DVD Player Mercedes-Benz DVD Player Mitsubishi DVD Player Nissan DVD Player Opel DVD Player Peugeot DVD Player Skoda DVD Player Renault DVD Player Suzuki DVD Player Toyota DVD Player Volkswagen DVD Player Rear Camera

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