Car PC Car DVD Player with GPS Radio Bluetooth TV Android 2.3 OS 6.95 Inch Touch Screen

General Hardware:

* Dual System/Core Hardware

* Android System Hardware :( CPU: TCC8902/720MHZ; Memory: DDR2/ 256M; Flash: 2G)

* Windows CE System Hardware :( CPU: TCC8902/720MHZ; Memory: DDR2/ 256M; Flash: 128M)

* Power: TDA7388

* Audio process: BD37534FV

* Video transfer: FMS6502

* AM/FM decode: TDA6624 (RDS)

* Main Power: TPS5430

* RGB video process: TW991O

* Single-chip microcomputer: R8C/R5F212A8

* DVD: Two decode program SPHE8202TQ and MT1389DE (support Japan disc CPRM) to select.

* Bluetooth board: stereo board, 2.0 version

* Analog TV: FU8A05-HLGY / XF-6A-1

* Digital TV (Optional): DVB-T (MPEG-2/MPEG-4), ISDB-T, ATSC, CMMB

* GPS receiver board: Gstar GS-92m-J MTK3329

General Function:

* 6.95 inch digital touch screen, 800*480 pixel definition

* Android 2.3 operation system can add any program software which works on Android system.

* GPS Navigation: Support series of Map software, support 3D map

* DVD: Support menu touch screen function and Japan CPRM disc

* AM/FM Radio: Support RDS, 99 sets of radio can be saved.

* TV: Support DVB-T(MPEG-2/MPEG-4)、ISDB-T、ATSC、CMMB、analog TV

* Bluetooth: Support hands free call, support Chinese/English phone books and phone record.

* IPOD: Support audio and video playing.

* Movie: Support multimedia playing, 1080P HD media playing

* Music: Support MP3、WMA、AC3、0GG、FLAC, etc audio format.

* Picture: Support JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc format

* Read PDF、Word、Excel file

Optional: WIFI/3G (WCDMA) surf Internet

* One channel AUX input, two channel independently audio and video output,two channel adjustment volume audio output, one channel bass output.

* Support 2 high speed SD card slot and 2 USB interfaces (1 channel high speed USB 2.0;1 channel full speed USB1.1),support 500 GB mobile hard disk

* Adopt dual system Android 2.3.5 and Windows CE6.0 OS system, full touch screen operate, only one button can make two system transfer freely

* 2 sets of AD steering wheel control button study

* Front/rear 3 die playing (3 area of front/rear main engine playing different program independently)

* Volume of each function can be independently controlled and memorized

* Menu language supported(Chinese、English、Russian、Japanese、Portuguese…….)

* Screen save function make more practical and reduce visual fatigue when driving at night.

* Playing movie and music while GPS navigation.

* Add any program software which can work on Windows CE 6.0 freely

* EQ 3 channel frequency — treble, medium, bass adjustment, multiple EQ mode select

* Support rearview camera

* 4*45W power

Characteristic Function:

* Cool and personality UI. Support 3 pages main menu for scan

* Add any program software which can work on Windows CE 6.0 freely

* Android 2.3 operation system interface

* Install work on Android system program software freely

* Humanized music playing list, operate more flexible; support MP3、WMA、WAV、AC3、OGG、FLAC, etc audio format, compatible  MP1/2/3、OGG、APE、RM、SIPR、ATRC、WMA、AC3、FLAC、AAC….format.

* HD video decode, support DAT、MPG、MPEG、VOB、MP4、MOV、AVI、DVD Video、ASF、WMV、MKV、TS、RM、RMVB and other series video format and H.264、Xvid、、MPEG2、MPEG4、VC-1、WMV9、MPEG1、H.263、Divx video format, support up to 1920×1080 (1080P) high definition pixel, backward compatible with 1360×768(768P)、1280×720(720P)、1024×576(576P)and following HD/Puqing definition video file.

* In picture scan function, set any picture as boot logo、desktop; Picture scans format support JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc.

* Unique graphical switching function of global time zone, support according Zone to automatic switching time GPS software

* Personality UI design, user can change boot logo/desktop freely

* Personality UI design, two theme style for select.

* Two sets of AV can set different function output.(3 area of front/background main engine playing different program independently)

* DVD media playing support full touch screen operated, support DVD/VCD/CD/MP5/RMVB/MP3/AVI/CD-R/WMA/JPEG etc format. Perfectly support Japan disc CPRM; whole unit is dustproof.

* (Optional)TV: Support DVB-T、CMMB、ISDB、ATSC、analog TV

*(Optional) :3G, WIFI surf Internet anywhere, high definition (800*480) TFT screen make sight more clear.

* Support IGO Primo、 Garmin,Route66,sygic,TomTom and other series GPS software, perfectly support Japan map.

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